Beatty Executive Consulting

Company Description

Building stronger organizations starts at the top.


Beatty Executive Consulting is here to help your management team grow stronger as leaders. We offer Team Building including Communication and Listening, Interpersonal Skills Building, Conflict Management/Resolution and Management/ Leadership development. Each company has their own unique needs and each person we work with also has unique needs. We take this all into consideration to build a unique approach to resolving problems.

Key Employees

Jane Beatty’s experience ranges from start-ups to large corporations, building strong management teams, organizational development, change management and taking a team approach to business solutions. She has worked in contract manufacturing, hi-tech, engineering and environmental businesses and higher education institutions. She also has experience in employee-owned companies and can advise anyone interested in setting up an ESOP. Education: BS in Geology from Emory University; Masters in Education from Georgia State University.


White Salmon, WA   503-544-7461

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