Immense Imagery

Immense Imagery is a Columbia River Gorge-based digital marketing company located in The Dalles Oregon. The company manages Social Media accounts, builds websites and creates short films. Their staff of five comes from a variety of backgrounds and experiences. “We are Filmmakers, Sound Engineers, Website Designers, Graduates in Music, Veterans of the US Armed Forces, Specialists in Digital Media, Social Media Managers and capable SEO providers,” says Scott Scrimshaw, Managing Director. “We aid agencies in getting connected, businesses in being noticed, events in being well-attended and non-profit organizations in getting funded.” Immense Imagery has experience creating both the digital content and online portals of discovery.

Scott adds, “It is our desire to capture truly amazing photographic images and film footage, to write a collaborative narrative with our clients and apply that imagery and narrative to their websites, social media platforms and short-film campaigns.” Immense Imagery introduces clients and their services as quality destinations of note. They include aerial drone work identifying the local area, the Columbia River Gorge, and their clients being easily accessible from both rural and larger metropolitan areas within the Pacific Northwest. Immense Imagery’s clients assess where their marketing dollars are going and connect with the company’s unique services when they realize that online and mobile devices have outpaced traditional media.

Immense Imagery’s experience demonstrates that in order for their clients’ efforts to be successful, there must be a high-quality digital presence across multiple platforms – i.e. Google Business Page, Facebook, website, YouTube, Instagram, etc. There must also be a shared continuity of quality. For example, a beautiful short film that refers back to a low-quality website or poorly utilized Facebook page works against the purpose of the short film, or a poorly managed Facebook page or website works against a top tier Google ranking. Immense Imagery’s Search Engine Optimization (SEO) services gain their clients a top-tier internet status, appropriately driving traffic to their places of business.

Immense Imagery is a member of the GTA to connect their services with the Gorge’s tech community and share the message of the region’s strong tech industry.  

The video below shares a sample of their impressive body of work and communicates more the mission of the company. To learn more, visit or contact Scott Scrimshaw at 541-399-0195 or email him at 

About Rob Denning, Founder

Rob is an avid, Mountain biker, Kite Border and Outdoor enthusiast. He is a graduate of England’s North Hampton School of Music. He brings an exceptional production value to Immense Imagery’s audio production as well as their filming, photography and overall project development. He has worked alongside many local Gorge-based businesses and also successful music groups including One Direction and Coldplay.
 “We’re offering a new service – to give small businesses the ability to market themselves online inside and outside the Gorge. We want to give business owners the opportunity to say what they want to say to the people they want to say it to, and then listen to that audience and respond.”

The Next Door

The GTA’s membership includes several Community Partner Members, whose work interacts with ours to create a better Gorge. One of those is The Next Door, the Gorge’s impressive and effective social service organization that strengthens children and families and improves communities in seven counties in the Mid-Columbia region on both sides of the river.
In total, The Next Door offers 27 programs that serve more than 3500 people each year, ranging from newborns through adulthood. They have 77 employees with offices in Hood River and The Dalles and in community partnerships throughout the Gorge. Their programs are focused on addressing social determinants of health, removing barriers and taking preventative measures with youth to ensure cycles of poverty and abuse are broken. They also work closely with the Latino community, with one of the most successful programs focused on promoting prosperity by helping Latino entrepreneurs develop successful businesses. 
The Next Door has several reasons to reach out to the tech community. The first is to share their new service providing translation and interpretation services, as well as coaching and training around diversity, equity, and inclusion. This program was created to share the incredible staff expertise with the community while helping to underwrite the social services they offer. They’ve provided diversity and plain language trainings in school and healthcare settings and are also ready to serve the business community.
The second reason to reach out is to connect with their youth programs. Mentorship opportunities can be just a one-hour lunch presentation to their Klahre House Alternative School or a regular commitment as a Big Brother/Sister or in the Mentor for Success program, which creates a positive impact on an at-risk teen’s commitment to staying in school and on the path to a successful future. 
The Next Door is a GTA member to work together with the GTA in identifying where they can support the development of the workforce as well as helping the tech companies know about their consulting services and ways the companies can engage with our kids and community to help shape tomorrow’s leaders. 
Learn more about their consulting services here  or their youth mentorship programs here or by contacting April Abernethy, Director of Development, at or 541-436-0307.
To find out more or get involved with The Next Door:

  • Attend the upcoming Stories of Hope Breakfast Events (use this link for more information)
    • Sept 22nd, 8 AM at Cousins Restaurant in The Dalles
    • October 27th, 8 AM at the Columbia Gorge Hotel in Hood River
  • Come speak on Motivational Mondays at the Klahre House
  • Reach out about mentoring youth (ages 6-20)
  • Follow us on Facebook
  • Donate now with this link

About Janet Hamada, Executive Director, The Next Door 

Janet grew up visiting her grandparents and uncle in the Gorge over the summers and was happy to move here full time in 2004 to raise her family. She became Executive Director of The Next Door in September 2007. Prior to that time, she had served as Program Manager of Nuestra Comunidad Sana, a program of The Next Door, for three years. Janet has a strong commitment to the Gorge, as evidenced in the work she does and the number of Boards she serves on, including the Hood River Rotary Foundation, Four Rivers Early Learning Hub, the Building Bridges: Columbia Gorge Education and Workforce Collaborative, and as a community advisory council member for Providence Hood River Memorial Hospital. She is also president of the board of directors of the Oregon Alliance of Children’s Programs.

Everest Consultants


Everest Consultants specializes in two areas: providing Technology Contractors, and Software Projects with an emphasis on .NET and SharePoint 2007/2010/2013 work.

When you need qualified technologists who have specific technical expertise, Everest Consultants:

  • Takes time to learn about your technical environment, business needs, corporate culture and strategic objectives;
  • Presents candidates/technologists and software project managers with both a broad and deep knowledge of your technologies;
  • Has client expertise working directly and via a variety of Vendor Management Systems (for candidate tracking);
  • Acts as a reliable extension of your human resources team or engineering/IT department and
  • Has 25 years of experience providing Contractors and completing Software Projects for technology departments within small, medium and a number of Fortune 500 companies.
Everest has been in business for 25 years in Oregon and has clients in the Gorge, Portland, Seattle, the Northwest and across the United States. After joining the GTA, Everest has fostered business relationships with new customers in the Gorge on both sides of the river.

Learn more about how Everest can help Make IT Happen for you today.

dave myers

Dave Myers
Director, Business Development

As Director of Business Development for Staffing Services, Dave has been placing qualified candidates in engineering and IT positions throughout the western United States since 1994, including 15 years with Everest Consultants. His years of industry experience make him one of the best at his work. He strives to exceed client needs by delivering high-quality staffing solutions and placement services.  Dave’s favorite local spots in the Gorge include 3 Rivers Grill and WAAAM.

Contact Information:
Phone: 503 941 4167

View Everest’s profile on our website at

R.L. Blaisdell Consulting

R.L. Blaisdell Consulting is a consulting practice focused on strategic cybersecurity and information technologies for business and government. Owner Randy Blaisdell most recently served as the Systems Director of Information Assurance for The Aerospace Corporation after retiring as a full Colonel in the United States Air Force. When he says he’s been in cybersecurity for 36 years, people are often skeptical that the field existed in 1981, but Randy was indeed there at its infancy helping the military write the Trusted Computer System Evaluation Criteria, often known as “The Orange Book.” 
In his current business, Randy advises senior leaders in both the government and commercial sectors on strategies for navigating the complex and constantly evolving cyber landscape. His work with companies helps them understand their cyber environment as it relates to the business in order to develop protection strategies from both targeted and random threats. “Many companies don’t see all the ways they are vulnerable and the sometimes simple things that can be done to protect themselves,” says Randy. That’s where he comes in. 
Small businesses with all their accounts receivable on one or two computers could be severely impacted by a random piece of malware that destroys the computers, and perhaps the business. Larger companies benefit from Randy’s independent reviews of their cybersecurity posture to protect intellectual property and to verify compliance when working with government contracts. Fixes can be as simple as ensuring basic network hygiene by properly configuring routers and changing default passwords or as complex as a full analysis of your corporate information content to understand what needs to be protected from whom and where the vulnerabilities are in your hardware, software and staff.  “If your business depends on being connected or if you have intellectual property on your computer, you are vulnerable,” notes Randy.
R.L. Blaisdell Consulting is a member of the GTA to connect and share with others in technology in the Gorge. Learn more about Randy’s background here or contact him directly at

Radiant Perspectives

Founded in November 2014, Radiant Perspectives helps businesses tell their story in a visually engaging way by developing interactive digital exhibits and experiences that often combine video, 2D/3D graphics, and animation.  Additionally, Radiant Perspectives works with businesses to develop custom training programs using virtual and augmented reality.  Owner Chuck Evans pulls together his engineering and artistic sides to create immersive experiences that look great and are a joy to use. 

Past examples of interactive digital exhibits created by Radiant Perspectives include wall-sized touchscreens for conference centers, company headquarters, and universities that allow executives to showcase information about their company or school in a unique and engaging way. These exhibits are often part of a branding strategy for outreach to customers and prospective students.  One project for a credit union created a multitaction table with physical objects that could be placed upon the table which activated different stories about the company. The project required significant creativity to make the virtual elements interact with each other in a convincing, yet playful way. (Learn more about that project here.)

In the virtual and augmented reality realm, Radiant Perspectives creates applications to help businesses train employees, and support customers.  Examples include training first responders to deal with dangerous situations by simulating them in an immersive environment, or help businesses improve efficiency and productivity by making information visually accessible on-demand.

Radiant Perspectives’ work is on display at Harvard, Verizon, Pac-12 and other locations around the nation.

Radiant Perspectives is a member of the GTA to connect with the community, meet others working locally in the tech scene, and support its mission to grow the tech industry in the Gorge. Learn more at

About Chuck Evans, Owner, Radiant Perspectives

Chuck moved to the Gorge four years ago when he was still working as a Senior Graphics Engineer for Intel. After working remotely for 9 months, Chuck had the opportunity to leave and create his own company, Radiant Perspectives. Chuck started his career as an Electrical Engineer focused on integrated circuit design for HP. Looking for more creativity in his work, he returned to school to receive his M.S. in Computer Science, 3D Graphics and Animation from Oregon State. Outside of the office, Chuck enjoys playing volleyball with his wife and outdoor sports with their four girls. 

View their GTA website profile here.

Overwatch Imaging

Overwatch Imaging is one of the Gorge’s newest UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle) companies, having recently celebrated their one year anniversary. Overwatch helps UAV companies grow into civil and commercial markets by making custom camera systems for those opportunities. From infrastructure inspection, to fire detection and mapping, emergency management and agriculture, Overwatch’s unique solutions emphasize image processing for automatic detection of needles in haystacks. “While camera systems already exist to collect lots of aerial data, our solutions sift through the data in real-time to find the points of interest,” says Founder and Manger Greg Davis. “Our automatic detection versus a person watching hours of video dramatically lowers the cost equation for commercial customers trying to use UAVs as an economically viable tool.” With better information at their fingertips, civil and commercial end users of Overwatch’s solutions are more efficient and effective.

Real-time image processing is unique to the industry, allowing Overwatch to simply present the answer to the customer rather than overwhelming them with data. The business model is also unique in that every product is made in partnership with a customer focused on a specific application, meaning that the base architecture of the camera system is tailored to meet niche requirements. “We are making exactly the right solution for each individual client we work with,” says Greg. This involves rounds of internal rapid prototyping of mechanical, structural and electrical parts as well as experimentation with fitting the pieces together and connectivity of systems.

Typical customers for Overwatch are established US or international companies making long-endurance UAVs, generally for military applications but who are seeking opportunities to grow into civil and commercial uses. Even after just one year, Overwatch is seeing traction in the market for their products. As a result, they have openings for two new positions and one intern to fill out their current staff or four employees and four contract team members (job opening details here). With two co-founders who had spent years in the Gorge’s UAV industry, starting their business here was an easy decision.”There is so much aerospace talent in the Gorge, the supply chain we need, and we love the community,” says Greg. “The Gorge is an ideal place to have a company working in the UAV industry.”

Overwatch is a member of the GTA because “the GTA is a great connector of local like-minded individuals and companies, both as a connector for supply relationships and just as a social connector.” Greg adds, “It’s great to have an organization pulling us all together.” They also appreciate the voice that the GTA gives to our regional tech industry in local, state and national politics as a way for the companies to express their top priorities.

Learn more at or contact them at 541-716-4832 or  

About Greg Davis, Founder and Manager, and Nick Anderson, Founder and Design Engineer

Greg moved from the Bay area in 2006 to join Insitu. After eight years there and two with Cloud Cap, Greg formed Overwatch with Co-Founder Nick Anderson (see below). Outside of the office, Greg enjoys spending time with his three wonderful girls and wife (a teacher at Hood River Valley High School) as they teach the girls all the usual Gorge sports and an early love of tech through FIRST LEGO League. He appreciates the strong ethos of work/ life balance and outdoor recreation in the Gorge and is excited to work in the tech industry in such an awesome place.

Nick grew up in Portland and went to school for aerospace engineering at California State Polytechnic University, Pomona. He didn’t know there were aerospace companies in the Gorge until the small business he had in college re-selling fiberglass and carbon braided sleeves (that he was running out of his dorm room) took in a web order from someone with “” as the email address. From there he found out about Insitu, applied for an internship and the rest was history. After two years at Insitu and six at Cloud Cap, he left to form Overwatch Imaging with Co-Founder Greg Davis. Outside of the office, Nick enjoys typical Gorge outside pursuits, landscape and aviation photography, and making things such as small robots, home automation, electrical projects, etc.

View Overwatch Imaging’s profile on our website at


CSG Pro builds modern software solutions that expand knowledge through more informed and visual use of data. Through its Business Analytics and Custom Software Solutions practices, CSG Pro delivers value by helping clients intelligently bring together, analyze and interpret data to make informed decisions and streamline their business processes. They integrate cloud and mobile as appropriate to allow for scale, enhance the user’s experience and ensure long-term payoff.

CSG’s team of top-caliber professional technology consultants serve business clients in the Pacific Northwest and are headquartered in Portland’s Pearl District. They recently joined the GTA to expand their presence in the Gorge, which became opportune when Stephen Rogers, (White Salmon resident) joined the team in July 2016 as Strategic Solutions Consultant, to provide business development and virtual CTO capabilities.

Understanding how to quickly and accurately determine the proper relationships between business strategy and technology strategy is a core CSG strength that has accrued through long experience serving hundreds of clients in unique circumstances. As a Microsoft Gold Partner that is active in tracking and assessing the constant evolution of business technology ecosystems and tools, the CSG team is well equipped to help clients make the right decisions on key elements of IT strategy –  and also the best ways to build things out.

CSG’s fulfillment team can engage either through standalone projects, by augmenting a client’s development team, or through training/ mentoring of a client’s on-staff developers in specific technologies and techniques.

Over the 23 years since its inception, CSG has earned its reputation for delighting clients by creating deep, lasting relationships that are based on trust, respect, integrity and results.  No wonder that CSG clients almost always come back when their needs evolve to the next level.

CSG Pro has also recently partnered with Gorge Networks and Polar Systems to form Gorge Solution Partners, for the purpose of providing comprehensive, end-to-end IT solutions, training and support for Gorge businesses. For more information on CSG Pro or Gorge Solution Partners, contact Stephen at or visit or

About Jerry Frank, CEO of CSG Pro

Throughout his career Jerry Frank has been focused on helping senior managers apply technology solutions to improve decision-making and productivity. Since 1993 he has been doing that as CEO of CSG Pro, a team of top professionals who create custom software and data analytics solutions for business clients in the Pacific Northwest. Jerry’s passion is working with forward-thinking people to understand market shifts, business context and how leading edge technology solutions can impact change for a better future.

Nelson Brothers Engineering

Nelson Brothers Engineering is a unique company in the Gorge and unique among GTA Members. The family-run business in Trout Lake is focused on sawmill machinery optimization to get the most product out of each log. Using 3D laser profiler sensors, their equipment scans each log entering sawmill production in real-time, uses their unique software to model the log and run hundreds of combinations in the blink of an eye to determine the combination of product that can be cut from the log to leave the least amount of waste behind.

CEO Jeff Nelson was born into the business. His father Rod Nelson started the company in 1992, and while the number of sawmills has declined over the years, the need for their service remains constant. As a family business with four employees, Nelson Brothers finds their niche in working with family-run sawmills who want things kept simple and straightforward. This niche often takes them to the Southeastern U.S. where family sawmills are more common, but they work all over the country, including with WKO in Carson. Connecting in other parts of the family, Jeff’s brother Joe designs and manufactures their sensors at his Vancouver-based company.

Nelson Brothers Engineering works with a sawmill to set up the sensors and computers, install the software and set parameters. In just a few days, a sawmill can be up an running. With their simple system, Nelson Brothers rarely needs to service the equipment or servicing can be done by remotely accessing the computers.

Nelson Brothers Engineering is a newer member of the GTA. They joined the organization to meet others in the Gorge involved with software, especially as they consider evolving their software into a more modern platform, and to build other local business support connections.

Learn more at or contact Jeff at Or watch this video to see their process at work.

Jeff Nelson, CEO, Nelson Brothers Engineering

Eight years ago, Jeff and his family made the move to Trout Lake from the Portland/ Vancouver area where he and his wife had grown up. Vacationing in Trout Lake for years, Jeff knew the community would be a perfect spot to raise their four kids, ages 6 to 16. Between Trout Lake School, the close-knit community with other young families moving in and their own extended family nearby, they are living the dream on the flanks of Mount Adams.

Sagetech Corporation

Sagetech Corporation has been a disruptive innovator in the field of miniature aviation surveillance equipment since 1998.  The XP family of transponders is the world leader in Size, Weight and Power, and can be found in drones from quadcopters to long endurance systems around the globe.  Sagetech also provides high quality contract manufacturing for UAV subsystems ranging from avionics packages, winglets and fuel system components, to complete empennage (tail section) assemblies.  Our AS9100 registered quality system assures that Sagetech customers like Boeing Insitu, Textron and Israel Aerospace Industries receive the highest quality production of their most critical parts.

At Sagetech, innovation and the relentless pursuit of perfection are hallmarks of our culture.  Constantly challenging current norms with smaller, lighter and more powerful aviation electronics, Sagetech is internationally known as the makers of the World’s Smallest Transponders™ and more.  With a highly talented and stable workforce, a history of growth and a strong product pipeline, Sagetech strives to be not just a great company, but a great company to work for!

Sagetech works very closely with other respected innovators in the Gorge, including Boeing Insitu, Cloud Cap Technology, Custom Interface, ANPC and Hood Tech.  We are proud members of the GTA because we love technology and we love the Gorge, and appreciate the opportunity to be part of an organization dedicated to growing and supporting this critical business sector.

Kelvin Scribner, Chief Executive Officer, Sagetech Corp.

Kelvin moved to the Gorge in 1994 to work for Hood Tech with Andy Von Flowtow, his thesis advisor from MIT. Kelvin spun off Sagetech in 1998 and has grown the company from his Hood River barn to multiple locations in White Salmon. Interesting fact: Kelvin served in the Air Force reserves, flying tankers and helicopters for both backyard missions (rescues on Mount Hood) and operations around the world.

Tom Furey, Chief Operating Officer, Sagetech Corporation

Tom joined Sagetech in early 2015 to lead day-to-day business operations.  With his breadth of experience in business management from small and large companies alike, he has helped position Sagetech for its continued growth and expansion.  A Naval Aviation veteran, he can often be found either on a mountain biking trail, or desperately trying to learn how to jibe after many years of windsurfing on calm lakes in the Midwest.

Patrick Maley, Director of Sales and Marketing, Sagetech Corporation

Patrick spent over 2 decades with Advanced Additive and Subtractive Manufacturing technologies in the Automotive and Aerospace industries.  He brings an extensive experience in 3D Printing, Manufacturing Systems & Processes, as well as in-depth knowledge of Computer Aided Design, Manufacturing and Digital Workflow methodologies.  His business development acumen has led to numerous successes in some of the largest organizations in the U.S.  “The first step in the Digital Workflow starts with Design Engineering.”

Rob Ladkani, Director of Engineering, Sagetech Corporation

Rob is passionate about changing the world through innovation and determination.  Bringing a focus on excellence in new products to Sagetech, his past contributions include best-in-class products for medical imaging and commercial drones.  Outside of work he loves fishing, working on his home brewery, and spending time with his family. 

View Sagetech’s profile on our website at


Founded in 2013, Seeq develops analytics software for industrial users that uniquely enables time series data investigation and exploration. Process manufacturing industries, such as energy and pharmaceutical companies, collect and store massive amounts of data about their processes. Once collected, however, that data is not easily analyzed over time. This is where Seeq steps in to solve the problem of being data rich but information poor.

Seeq works with industrial clients to review their processes, inputs and outputs, to identify money- and time-saving solutions. Seeq software incorporates machine learning technologies to accelerate the efforts of the user, but takes things one critical step further. The main difference is that Seeq’s data analytics software is always used in a directed fashion by the engineer or expert seeking specific answers or insights to a question, instead of just calculating relationships without context or focus.

As an example, a coal plant customer keeping sulfur dioxide emissions at approved levels uses lime in that process. But are they using more lime than is needed and thus wasting dollars? Seeq’s software solutions make it easy to ask those questions and get accurate answers back.

With 25 employees around the US, Seeq is headquartered in Washington and organized as a virtual company.

Seeq is a member of the GTA because it believes in the work of the organization to foster an environment that encourages all kinds of technology companies to start and grow in the Gorge. CEO Steve Sliwa was one of the founding members of the GTA and believes the Gorge is an ideal place to start and grow a small business that is focused on innovation.

Learn more at or contact them at

About Steve Sliwa, CEO, Seeq

Dr. Sliwa founded Seeq Corporation in 2013 and serves as its CEO. Steve first came to the Gorge in 2001 to join Insitu as CEO. Under his leadership, Insitu grew from a four-person operation to one with more than 800 employees and revenue of $128 million when it was sold to Boeing in 2008. Steve has been working with early stage companies for several years as Founder of Capital Synergy Partners. Some of his previous positions included work for NASA, Integrated Systems Inc, Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University and New Colt Holding Corp. Steve is a flight instructor and former FAA designated flight examiner with more than 4,000 hours in airplanes and sailplanes.