Everest Consultants, Inc.

Company Description

Everest Consultants Inc. is a Portland-area firm that specializes in sourcing of software/hardware engineers and developing in-house software projects.


Everest offers a boutique placement service specializing in sourcing hard-to-find high-level software engineers. Everest also takes on software projects that can be done with our various development teams. When placing contractors, Everest’s incredible screening process allows Everest to send one to three well-matched contractors which saves our clients’ the time of sorting through a larger pool of under qualified applicants. With software project work, Everest’s expertise equals or exceeds that of our competitors, pricing is competitive and may surprise new clients.

Everest has placed hundreds of contractors out of the Beaverton office who work at clients’ sites around the Northwest and across the US, plus we have another 100+ in India. Everest has served clients from small start-ups to the largest semiconductor and software companies. Our typical customer is a business looking to supplement their recruiting or development with a partner that supplies the best engineers with the skill sets needed and/ or can quickly provide a team of developers. This Oregon-based firm is able to compete very well even against large national or international companies and boasts one of the best interview-to-hire ratios in the industry.  Please contact them today for your engineering needs.

Key Employees

Gorge contact David Myers is the Director of Business Development for Engineering Placement.


1500 NW Bethany Blvd., Suite 235
Beaverton, OR   97006

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