Insitu Commercial, Ryan Hartman Honored as Gorge Tech Organization, Leader of the Year

The GTA held our fifth annual awards program on December 12, 2017, recognizing Ryan Hartman as the 2017 GTA Technology Leader of the Year and Insitu Commercial Division as the 2017 GTA Technology Organization of the Year. “The GTA is pleased to honor the wonderful people making a difference in the Gorge through our awards program,” says Jessica Metta, GTA Executive Director. 

Nominations were accepted from across the Gorge and all of the finalists were celebrated at the Dec. 12 event for their leadership and hard work. Ryan Hartman, President and CEO of Insitu, was honored as the 2017 GTA Technology Leader of the Year for his leadership of Insitu since 2014 which has grown significantly since then, for the corporate culture he has fostered, the work he’s done in acknowledgment of Insitu’s many ties to the Gorge community as a whole, his support of nonprofits and STEM education in the region. One outstanding finalist was also honored: Tom Furey, Chief Operating Officer of Sagetech Corporation, for his technical and company achievements, community outreach and leadership since joining Sagetech in 2015.

Insitu Commercial Division was honored as the 2017 GTA Tech Organization of the Year for their work on emergency response related to the September 2017 Eagle Creek Fire, the Fall 2017 California wildfires and the Hurricane Harvey response. Their work to pioneer the use of drones in the national airspace is keeping communities and first responders safer while improving the efficiency of emergency response efforts.

2017 Tech Awards
Mark Bauman (right), Vice President and General Manager of Insitu Commercial, along with representatives of the Insitu Commercial Division accept the Tech Organization of the Year award.
2017 Tech Awards
Mark Bauman holds the awards for Insitu with GTA Executive Director Jessica Metta. Mark accepted the Tech Leader of the Year award on Ryan Hartman’s behalf.