Hood River Electric and Communications Access Coop

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Nonprofit cooperatives providing electricity to the Hood River Valley and internet service around Hood River County.


Their internet service arm known as CACHE – Communications Access Cooperative Holding Enterprise – provides Wireless Broadband and Fiber-Optic connections outside of their electrical service area and into the City of Hood River. As a nonprofit cooperative, they provide the best service at a lower cost. Owning and operating 100% of their new, state-of-the-art wireless and fiber-optic infrastructure lets them offer one stop service and support. Their small size means they can work individually to address each customers’ internet or Ethernet connectivity needs from the average homeowner to the largest business – or in other words, from 1 megabit to 10 gigabits. Besides wireless, CACHE offers point-to-point Ethernet within the County and even to the Metro area through their direct link with the Bonneville fiber. This fiber is an important part of their competitive advantage: as part owner of the company (LS Networks) that leases the Bonneville fiber, CACHE can deliver upstream service and doesn’t rely on other providers.

Key Employees

John Gerstenberger, Manager


P.O. Box 125
Odell, OR 97044
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