New Buildings Institute

Company Description

New Buildings Institute (NBI) casts a large shadow in the world of commercial building energy efficiency. Their solid technical reputation is based on work in building science research, advanced design guidelines and the measured energy performance of commercial buildings.


One of NBI’s current efforts is documenting high performance buildings to promote design practices and technologies – such as daylighting and low-energy cooling systems – that will result in buildings that use half the energy and are better for people and the environment. Research into emerging technologies for buildings is a key area of work at the gorge office of NBI. On the market side, NBI has Advanced Buildings, a suite of tools and resources that help design teams create energy-efficient, high performance commercial buildings and progress toward the 2030 targets of zero-net energy buildings. NBI’s products are for the architect, engineering and commercial real estate communities and for policymakers. They have extensive partnerships with like-organizations such as US Green Building Council, Rocky Mountain Institute and the National Trust for Historic Buildings. Other work partners are government and utilities.

Key Employees

Cathy Higgins, Program Director


205 Oak Street Suite 204
Hood River, OR   541-308-0390

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