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Tech Company Members and Sponsors

Companies whose primary focus is the research, development or manufacture of technological products or services, as well as IT or Development Departments in non-tech companies. 

Service Provider Members and Sponsors

Companies that provide services to the technology industry. 

Community Partner Members and Sponsors

Non-profit organizations, educational institutions and government agencies that support our work with the technology industry and STEM education.

Associate Members

Generally students, job seekers or retirees.

  • Arthur Babitz
  • Beth Alcouloumre
  • Bill Miller
  • Calvin Howard
  • Eric Dolan
  • Jeff Hawkins
  • Johannes Loschnigg
  • Jonah Peskin
  • Milos Jovanovic
  • Peter Talmage
  • Stanley Heinemann
  • Taylor Gautier
  • Walt Ronish