ROY-G-BIV Corporation

ROY-G-BIV helps manufacturers connect plant software systems with motion-controlled machines and CNC machine tools.


ROY-G-BIV Corporation has invented and developed a universal connectivity software platform and assembled a worldwide patent portfolio central to motion control applications across multiple industries.   ROY-G-BIV’s XMC® Universal Connectivity Software Platform enables manufacturers to monitor and control CNC, general motion and robotic devices independent of their hardware supplier, successfully improving productivity and return on assets.

ROY-G-BIV’s XMC middleware innovations are central to the manufacturing industry’s drive to connect shop floor machines with HMI, SCADA, DCS, product lifecycle management, and other factory and enterprise software systems.  XMC software supports older and modern motion control systems from different vendors, giving manufacturers a single machine communication platform to more accurately measure “green light” time and overall equipment effectiveness (OEE). World-class manufacturers like Boeing and Lockheed Martin use XMC in their most demanding fabrication plants. ROY-G-BIV partners with industrial automation suppliers, machine builders and software companies to offer mixed-machine manufacturing intelligence solutions that improve decision-making and profits.

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Key Employees

Jay Clark, Owner


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