Advanced Navigation and Positioning Corporation

ANPC was founded in 1991 to benefit general aviation and expand overall airspace capacity by providing all-weather approach and landing capabilities to regional and municipal airports surrounded by rugged terrain or obstacles, beneath or adjacent to a runway’s final approach path. The Instrument Landing System has provided this capability to larger commercial airports for over forty years, but cannot provide sufficient guidance accuracy where reflections from obstacles interfere with its radio transmissions.  ANPC’s transponder-based systems offer superior siting flexibility and performance compared to other systems, bringing precision approach guidance and situational awareness to airports that would otherwise be underserved due to terrain, obstacles and other challenges. ANPC’s mission is to serve such airports – it’s what we do and no one does it better.

Contact: Jeff Mains – President and CEO of ANPC since March 2000.

489 North 8th Street
Suite 203
Hood River, Oregon, 97031 USA

USA– 800 228 1857 x230
Global– +1 541 386 1747 x230


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