2024 Corwin Hardham Scholarships Awarded

This year’s Corwin Hardham Scholarship Fund was able to give out two scholarships!  Hood River Valley High School students Erandy Galindo Chamonica and Alondra Ramirez were selected from this year’s pool of applicants. The GTA’s Scholarship Committee used a scoring matrix to determine the two finalists, which was then forwarded to the Gorge Community Foundation Board of Directors for final approval.

Erandy Galindo Chamonica is a first-generation student with plans to study landscape architecture. Erandy’s scholarship essay explains how overcoming linguistic, cultural, and first-generation barriers that required learning a second language while executing at the same level and pace as her classmates developed her strong determination and capacity for endurance. She described the two primary focuses of her volunteer work during her high school years. Her volunteer work with the Food Bank brought her to an awareness and recognition that she is “at home” within the Gorge’s migrant Hispanic culture. With STEM as her primary educational focus, Miss Galindo Chamonica has also focused on STEM volunteer opportunities, where she found that curiosity, determination and creativity were foundational for skill building. Her goal to become a landscape architect was driven by her desire to develop her own unique designs that will “create a love for life through functional and beautiful architecture, particularly through building functional and attractive housing areas in poor minority communities.” She describes how her goals “were developed through her personal life experiences from living in migrant housing all my life, along with my love for design and drawing since childhood.”    

Alondra Ramirez’ career goal is focused on the medical field, and has grown directly from her personal life experience with traumatic health events, which has fostered in her a strong desire to gain skills that will allow her to actively help others in healthcare crisis situations. Her high school classes in Medical Terminology, Biology, Anatomy and Physiology, Reading/Writing 115, and Writing 121/122 were all taken to better prepare herself for a career in the healthcare field. Miss Ramirez’ volunteer experience at Providence Hospital in the Family Birth Center has also revolved around her career goals, with plan to continue this summer with an internship at One Community Health to gain even more experience in healthcare and to create connections for future opportunities.

Miss Galindo Chamonica and Miss Alondra Ramirez both have impressive records of volunteer community service, practical work experiences and excellent academic records. Both young ladies are deserving recipients of the 2024 Corwin Hardham Scholarship and are to be congratulated. The GTA proudly launched the Corwin Hardham Memorial Scholarship Fund in 2015, and the scholarship is awarded annually to Gorge high school seniors pursuing post-secondary degrees in the fields of science, technology, engineering, or math (STEM). All graduating students from Hood River, Wasco, Sherman, Skamania, and Klickitat counties are eligible, including those who are graduating from high school, home school, or receiving a GED in the spring and/or summer.  Donations to the fund can be made here.