Business Oregon: State of Oregon’s Uncrewed Aerial Systems & Economic Impact

Uncrewed Aerial Systems (“UAS” or “drones”) are one of the fastest-growing industries in the United States. Business Oregon commissioned an analysis to evaluate the size of the State’s UAS sector and to evaluate the total economic impact of UAS on the State’s Economy. UAS companies were surveyed to estimate their UAS‐related employment and to determine what their role in the UAS sector is. Many companies provide goods and services to aerospace companies, and companies were asked to estimate only their UAS‐related employment.

The state of Oregon has been an early leader in the UAS sector for much of the last decade. This early leadership in the UAS sector is generally attributable to two factors. First, the location of Insitu across the Columbia River, an early UAS success story, resulted in the creation of a cluster of support contractors, particularly in the sensor and optics fields. In addition, the creation of the Pendleton UAS Test Range resulted in a robust research, development, and testing center for UAS companies. Pendleton was a partner in the Alaska‐Hawaii‐Oregon UAS Test Site program, authorized by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) in 2014. Tillamook and Warm Springs are also partners in the test site program. To read the rest of the report and learn more CLICK HERE.