GTA Member Spotlight: Magnum Custom Works

Magnum Custom Works logoAbout the Company

Magnum Custom Works is located in Hood River and provides custom Cerakote services for automotive and aerospace/UAV projects. Cerakote is a specialty sealant that is a ceramic paint coating that can be applied very thinly and provides super protection from heat, UV and corrosive substances such as oil/ gas etc.

Joe applying CerakoteThe business grew out of a need for local Cerakote services that Joe first encountered in his work as an Engineering Technician at Trillium. Looking for a heat and UV resistant, lightweight paint coating for Trillium’s gimbal mounts, Joe’s research led to Cerakote, which is produced in Medford, Oregon.  With the proper material identified for the project, the next step was to get the coating applied to the surfaces. Joe started looking around for a local service shop to do this work and quickly discovered that there weren’t any.

Magnum Custom Works shop floorIn 2022, Joe and Lorie decided together that there was sufficient demand for Cerakote services to support a full-time business. Under Lorie’s expert financial guidance, the oven in the shop has now expanded to two sandblasters, two ovens (pictured on the left), and two spray booths. 

Joe is now self-employed with a business that has dual customer bases in the local UAV industry and in the automotive industry. Magnum Custom Works provides local in-person support, quality work and quick turn around times for their customers. Cerakote can be applied in a whole variety of colors to suit whatever the customer needs.

Cerakoted engine

About the Founders

Joe Griffith and Lorie Repp are a husband and wife team whose business started out in their basement as a side gig. Joe is the business’ one-man customer service and production crew who works under the watchful eyes of their Shop Manager Magnum, pictured at right.  Lorie is a bookkeeper by trade and manages all of the company’s finances.

Joe and Lorie on a road trip






Gorge local residents for over 3 decades, Joe and Lori are both active in the community. They both volunteer with Hood River’s Westside Fire Department, and Joe coaches robotics for his twin boys. The couple shares a passion for travelling adventures and have taken some amazing camping road trips together, including Route 66 and Highway 20 across the US.


About Business in the GorgeCerakote gimbal mounted under airplane wing

Magnum Custom Works partners with GTA member Delta Sierra Aviation to provide support for the flight testing of gimbals. The company has also developed a working relationship with Columbia Gorge Community College’s Advanced Manufacturing and Fabrication Department.

About the GTA

When asked about what he and his business have gained as part of the GTA, Joe replied, “We really enjoy the networking and idea sharing that takes place within the GTA. The support is very informative and helpful. We are a growing company and we are always looking for ways to support the needs of GTA members and other Gorge companies.”

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