TechLink Resources for GTA Members

TechLink is a nonprofit that creates partnerships between the Department of Defense and private industry to develop, transfer, and transition leading-edge technologies. The GTA is partnering with the organization to share information of interest to our members. 
Article: The 9 Technology Readiness Levels of the DoD. From early concept to an application of a technology in it’s final form, the technology readiness level (TRL) is a helpful knowledge-based standard and shorthand for evaluating the maturity of a technology or invention. Read more.
TechnologyUnmanned Aerial Vehicle Equipped with Sensors and Communications Specific for Law Enforcement Use. For law enforcement patrol officers, stopping and interviewing an individual along the road can be a very dangerous situation. As a solution, researchers at the Air Force have developed a small UAV, deployable from the officer’s vehicle, which can interact with the subject of interest. Read more.