Light Wave Communications

Company Description

Video production for DVD distribution and the Web


Concise, convincing and effective communication using HD video. Over 25 years award-winning experience. Specializing in health care and hi-tech fields. Concept through distribution, we make it work for you!

Key Employees

About John Hardham, Owner: “Shooting/editing motion picture film since 1967, I originally was a graphic artist working in the San Francisco Bay Area music scene. As the Heavy Water Lightshow I toured North America and Europe performing in the major planetariums through 1983. Began independent video production in the Portland, Oregon market in 1984, worked for OHSU as videographer, and moved to the Gorge permanently in 1995. I serve clients regionally in video and media applications. Please visit my You Tube site to view current productions:”


391 Ashley Drive
Underwood, WA   98657

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