Port of Skamania County

Company Description

Just 40 miles east of Portland, Oregon, the Port offers tremendous business opportunities with affordable lease rates, big savings on labor costs and utilities, tax advantages and market access while maintaining a rural environment and small town feel. Skamania County is the ideal place to live, grow, and prosper—as an individual and as a business!


The Port’s Mission is to identify, develop, and promote economic resources that foster diversity, prosperity, and quality of life for all citizens of Skamania County. To carry out this mission, the Port may:

  • acquire, sell, develop, and lease land.
  • partner with other private and public interests to build and operate facilities.
  • construct and maintain multimodal transportation infrastructure such as roads, paths, parking, docks and launch ramps.
  • improve and operate public parks and recreational facilities and promote tourism.

To see our available properties in North Bonneville, Stevenson and at Wind River Business Park, visit our website.

Key Employees

Pat Albaugh, Executive Director


PO Box 1099
Stevenson, WA   98648

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