Power4Flight is the world leader in small (30 Horsepower and under) engine technology for Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS), following  the company’s mission “to solve the hard problems faced by UAS propulsion developers and system integrators, providing transformational products that facilitate next generation internal combustion, parallel hybrid, series hybrid, and electric motor solutions.” 

Power4Flight was formed to address powertrain reliability, durability and affordability issues, which continues to  keep small Unmanned Aircraft Systems from realizing their full potential. Products include core UAS engines, Electronic Fuel Injection (EFI), CAN based sensors and actuators (ESCs and Servos), generators and power conditioning electronics.

Key Employees

Ross Hoag, Co-Founder
Bill Vaglienti, Co-Founder

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Address: 202 Wasco Loop, Suite 104
                 Hood River, OR 97031
Phone:  541.436.4299 

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