Columbia Gorge Community College

In 1977, when the first stage of what would eventually become Columbia Gorge Community College was established as the Wasco Area Education Service District, few people, if any, could have imagined what was in store for the college in the next 35 years. Over that time, it has evolved from a small rural education resource into a community college with a nationally recognized renewable energy technology program, a nursing program that is training our next generation of healthcare professionals, and a low-cost, local college option for the first two years of a four year degree.

The college recently completed an Academic Master Plan that will govern its actions for the next five years; it is engaged in several national programs focused on achieving student success; and it is at the end of a five year process for independent accreditation. Independent accreditation will provide the college more local autonomy and allow it to tailor their programs and courses to best meet the specific needs of the Mid-Columbia region, its industry partners and the needs of its students.

About Dr. Frank Toda, President, Columbia Gorge Community College

Dr. Frank Toda is a Gorge native, growing up in Dallesport and graduating from Lyle High School. He spent a distinguished 30 years in the Air Force before becoming Presidentof CGCC in July 2001. In his application letter to the Board, Dr. Toda gave three reasons for seeking the job: a longstanding intention of working in education administration, “a lifetime preparing for this opportunity,” and a desire to return home and make a contribution to the community. Dr. Toda’s hobbies outside work include cars and technology.

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