About Design3Geometry LLC

Founded in 2020, Design3Geometry LLC is a Lean Champion organization that constructs 3D design models (specializing with Solidworks) and will create or revise standard engineering drawing for original equipment manufacturers.  Additionally, the team provides guidelines for manufacturing tolerance applications (GDT) and best example engineering drawings. Consultations and training are available to any organization seeking to improve their processes for design engineering development and product definition capture of design models and engineering drawings. 

Design3Geometry’s typical customers are small to mid-size manufacturers of original design equipment such as machine tools, consumer devices, 3D printed items, and unmanned aircraft payload components. These customers receive 3D drawings, models, and related documentation to fulfill their production needs at a competitive cost for extensive, professional level knowledge of – and experience with – both national and international standards for product definition (models, drawings, and related documentation). Design3Geometry’s fees for design model and drawing development (or revision) are significantly more competitive than similar services obtained through temp agencies or subcontracted hire.

The company’s flexibility, imagination, and ability to reset strategies in response to ever-changing industry conditions of uncertainty, paired with determined patience, has allowed Design3Geometry to weather the changing landscape that the pandemic has brought to the Gorge’s business community. Continuing its organizational growth, the company plans to launch its business website as well as a companion educational website in January 2022. 


About the Owner

Fred Tolmie is the owner of Design3Technology, LCC. Fred moved to the Gorge in 2016 and worked with several technology companies in the area. During that time, Fred recognized the need for 3D design services to small and mid-size manufacturers in the area. Seizing the opportunity, Fred created Design3Technology, LLC to be able to fill the gap in services. In his free time, Fred enjoys carpentry, metal working, fly fishing, camping, and hiking. Living and working in the Gorge allows Fred to enjoy all of these hobbies.

Of interesting note, in 1997 Fred was among the first people world-wide to obtain senior level certification from the American Society of Mechanical Engineers as a geometric dimensioning and tolerancing (GDT) professional.

To find out how Design3Geometry can help your organization, contact Fred Tolmie, or call [503] 826-4494 business phone, [971] 272-7540 cell.

Fred Tolmie

Owner, Design3Geometry