eggKrate Custom Computing

eggKrate Custom Computing was started in 2009 by Bill Boyden with over fifteen years experience writing and maintaining data driven websites in corporate environments. eggKrate can help you create a new website or improve an old one, increase your processing power, tame scary database back-ends and/ or set up linux servers to host your website.

The company’s typical customer includes private parties or small businesses looking to start a new website or expand a static site into a dynamic one. Gorge customers include network management for Mid-Columbia Economic Development District and website programming for

Bill is a member of the GTA to find a greater connection to local people working in technology. If you’re wondering where the company name came from, it’s from the Greek word “egkrate” meaning temperate, disciplined, self-controlled. Bill believes these traits to not only be important to endeavors of technology, but to life in general. Having chosen this name, he also chose a quote by one of his favorite authors, C.S. Lewis, as the company motto: “We are like eggs at present. And you cannot go on indefinitely being just an ordinary, decent egg. We must be hatched or go bad.” Learn more at

Bill Boyden, Owner, eggKrate Custom Computing

Bill has been in the Gorge since he was six months old when his father started a dental practice here. Bill says the Gorge is “home – always has been, always will be.” Outside of the office, he enjoys playing his guitar, golf and camping.
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