Frontier Ventures

Frontier Ventures is a consulting firm that develops mass market financial products in developing countries. They specifically work in regulation of mobile money implementation and financial modeling of electronic payment system and alternative banking channels – in other words, developing mobile phone financial products for customers who have never had a bank account and live perhaps hundreds of miles from the nearest bank.

President Mark Flaming uses the firm to associate opportunistically with a global network of around a dozen similar companies and individuals. Mark has made a 25-year career of working in developing markets on both the business and regulatory side and has a broad range of experience in very challenging implementation situations.

Frontier Ventures has three main customers: 1. financial market regulators in developing markets, 2. financial service providers in developing markets, and 3. investors in financial service providers in developing markets, from the World Bank Group to private commercial investors. In 2010 he worked in Laos, Kenya, Cambodia, Brazil, East Timoor, Papua New Guinea, Fiji, Madagascar, China, Senegal, Nigeria, the Ivory Coast and Sri Lanka.

The most interesting thing he’s doing right now is mobile money implementation like PayPal. This new service is exploding around the world – it’s literally cracked the access frontier to huge parts of the global population that were previously unbanked.

While Mark has no local customers or suppliers, he helped start the GTA because he believes the tech industry is an important part of the current and future economy of the Gorge. He felt that an association like the GTA was needed for a variety of reasons – as a political voice and as a communication network for an industry that was popping up spontaneously. Mark has found that the GTA has been a great way to connect with others involved with technology in the Gorge, which provides indirect benefits to his company. Contact Mark at 541-386-2374 or

Mark Flaming, President, Frontier Ventures

Mark moved to the Gorge in 2002 as a lifestyle choice and also because the Gorge image worked well for the outdoor clothing company he owned at the time. Mark in involved with all the usual Gorge outdoor recreational pursuits and also volunteers with many area nonprofits, from La Clinica and Big Brothers Big Sisters to Cragrats and Alpinees. He was also one of the founding members of the GTA. An interesting fact about Mark: he has a degree in Divinity from Harvard Divinity School.

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