Gorge Networks

Gorge Networks has been providing internet access, telephone service and communications consulting services to homes and businesses in the Mid-Columbia area for 16 years. As the first local internet provider, Gorge.net started with basic dial-up in Hood River and has expanded to wireless DSL and phone services from North Bonneville to Arlington, from Trout Lake to Moro.

Gorge Networks prides itself on its customer service. Because of the broad product line offered (e.g. VOIP, hosted PBX, traditional phone), they can work with a customer to truly provide the best solution for the customer’s application. Business customers, such as small- to medium-sized offices, often access Gorge.net’s hosted PBX phone system (a multiline phone system with all the features) and all the corresponding data services needed to run their business. Gorge.net supports solutions from having physical equipment in the customer’s business or equipment that is managed and maintained through their own offices.

Gorge Networks is currently working to increase capacity to pass on high speed internet connections to all their users. They are also rolling out a new VOIP platform that’s considered the best in the industry and are pleased to announce that they won the bid to install free public wifi in The Dalles (launching Summer 2011). Gorge Networks is working on similar free public wifi projects in other communities as well – stay tuned!

Gorge Networks is a member of the GTA for the networking opportunities and business connections provided by the organization. They’ve met people that have become customers or fostered discussions that have allowed them to improve their service. And thanks to Gorge.net for providing free hosting of the GTA’s website! Learn more at gorge.net.

Dan Bubb, President, Gorge Networks

Dan’s been in the Gorge since 1987 when he moved here for a job as a mathematician with Advanced Systems Concepts. He stayed with ASC until joining Gorge Networks in 1996. Outside of work, Dan joins in some common Gorge activities like windsurfing and mountain biking. He also definitely enjoys spending time on the boat with his family (and the dogs) as well as playing cards and enjoying a nice glass of wine.
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