Greenlight Development

Since 2004, Greenlight Development has been helping customers in the Gorge and around the US to build and improve their websites. Owner Shannon Vance specializes in PHP/SQL on the server side and HTML/CSS, JavaScript and jQuery/AngularJS on the client side. He is also a d3/SVG developer for when complex data-visualization or graphic intensive features are needed. Greenlight Development works directly with website owners and web designers to create complete websites, specialized web applications and custom content management systems. And for those emergency situations, Greenlight also excels in “firefighting” and “swamp draining.”

Shannon’s customer-centric “can do” attitude, his ability to incorporate emerging technology and his long list of successful projects makes Greenlight Development a safe and attractive choice for anyone who needs more than what off-the-shelf solutions provide. Greenlight’s customers cover a variety of industries such as Willamette View‘s residents’ website for this Portland retirement community, Celilo Inn in The Dalles, GTA Member vLetterPleasantville Farmers Market in New York and Beverly Hills Egg Donation, a California site that matches egg donors and parents.

When asked what he liked about his career choice, Shannon said, “One of the best parts of my job is the ability to constantly learn and grow. The world of technology is advancing so fast that I get to learn new things all the time for my clients’ benefit rather than being stuck with what I learned ten years ago. It’s a great position to be in.”

Shannon became a member of the GTA to get to know the people in the community and to learn more about what is going on locally and in the field of technology. Speaking of the GTA meetings he frequently attends, Shannon said, “Meeting people in a fun environment from different parts of the tech industry often gives me new ideas and has resulted in several friendships.”

Greenlight Development is always seeking new clients, both end-customers and other professionals who need programming, troubleshooting or implementation services. Contact Greenlight Development today at or learn more at

About Shannon Vance, Owner, Greenlight Development

In what was possibly the best thing that could have happened to him at the time, Shannon was laid off from a long time job in Santa Cruz as an embedded developer in the telecom industry when that industry tanked in the early 2000s. He had visited the Gorge in the 90’s and fell in love with the area, so he decided to move to Hood River in 2003 and has been happy about the decision ever since. Outside of work, Shannon still enjoys windsurfing as well as mountain biking, motorcycles, playing guitar and writing.

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