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About the Founder

Jesse Larvick moved to the Gorge from Switzerland, where he lived for nearly six years and worked with expat teens. When he moved to the Gorge in 2007, he continued to work with teens until 2011, when he started his own video production and photography company.  Looking for a fresh start after working twelve years with teens, Jesse chose to move into video work as a natural extension of his hobby and interest in “all things camera!”

Jesse describes his work as “scratching many of my itches… I love all things film and art and storytelling, and I get to satisfy these passions through my work. And when I’m not working, I’m road cycling throughout our beautiful community!”

About the Company

LarvickMedia employs Jesse full-time plus another half-time support position. Services include photography work that ranges from architectural to team photos and professional headshots, and video production that has ranged from full-fledged documentaries to commercial work with companies as large as Mountain Dew.

As the times have changed since Covid, LarvickMedia’s services have evolved to include a more complete marketing package that includes web design and social media management. To add these services, Jesse relies on a deep bench of talented contractor teammates. Jesse explained the evolution of his company’s products and services:

“In the past I’ve tried to specialize in video production only. However, in the last 18 months I’ve been pleased to surround myself with talented, creative and eager sub-contractors who love working with able project managers. Because of this I’m pleased to expand my view and services to be a true “turn-key” company, offering the majority of what a Gorge-based company is looking for with their company identity, web presence, and visual representation.”

LarvickMedia’s typical customer is located right here in the Gorge and is doing something new or something they haven’t yet been able to clearly communicate to their community. This applies to organizations and companies of greatly varying size and industry, and includes non-profits and world changers, regardless of their size!



Jesse credits the 12 years working with teenagers (& their parents) that taught him “to be a good listener and a good storyteller ” as a cornerstone of his business that has given LarvickMedia a successful competitive advantage. “My ability to hear the message and help individuals or companies tell their story in succinct and powerful ways is what keeps my clients returning. EVERY company needs this!”

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