Introducing New GTA Sponsor – Allied Vision Technologies

GTA Member Spotlight headerFor more than 30 years, Allied Vision has been developing industrial machine vision cameras focusing on what counts for the customer. With a deep understanding of customers’ needs, Allied Vision finds individual solutions for every application, a practice which has made Allied Vision one of the leading camera manufacturers worldwide in the machine vision market. The product range includes 2D, 3D, and SWIR camera technology and image capture solutions for factory automation, logistics, medical imaging, and many more application areas in digital imaging.

Allied Vision logoThe company has nine locations in Germany, Canada, the United States, Singapore, and China and is represented by a network of sales partners in over 30 countries. Allied Vision is a TKH Technology Company and part of TKH Vision.

Company Mission:

Allied Vision’s service is all-inclusive and customized to the clients’ individual needs. Allied Vision’s trained consultants listen to each customer’s needs to design the best solution. This includes not just the camera but also the right lens, the right connectivity hardware, and the right software interface. The team’s job is to reliably deliver the image you need, when you need it, and how you need it!



Alvium camera

One of Allied Vision’s solutions is the Alvium product line, which is the most flexible line-up of digital cameras in the world. It is available in a myriad of configurations and data output format. From VGA to 25+ megapixel resolution, including UV, Visible, Color, monochrome, NIR, and SWIR via USB3, Gigabit Ethernet, 5Gigabit Ethernet, CSI2, MIPI, GMSL2, FPDlink, CoaXpress and more!


Alvium camera accessoriesThe Alvium Frame line offers compact size and weight, multiple lens mounts including C-mount, CS-mount, M12, bareboard and custom mounting.

Recently released Flex and Frame Alvium cameras expand Allied Vision’s range of offerings to custom lens mounts and flat flex cable outputs, and in January, 3MP and 5MP SWIR cameras will be released in the company’s Alvium and Goldeye line of cameras.

Allied Vision works with companies big and small, ranging from multi-million-dollar companies to start-ups, from OEM’s to integrators and distribution partners. The company’s engineers work in partnership with machine vision manufacturers across the medical, industrial, agricultural and logistics industries. Alvium cameras can also be integrated into uncrewed air and ground systems, including sUAS and UGV’s.

Allied Vision was introduced to the Gorge’s high-tech industry through working connections with the GTA’s sponsor companies Overwatch Imaging, Google, and Trillium Engineering. As a new sponsor to the GTA, the company seeks to work with more local companies by growing and supporting partnerships to achieve mutual success.

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