M.D. Van Valkenburgh and Associates

For 61 years, Meredith D. Van Valkenburgh has been practicing law in The Dalles -certainly longer than anyone else in the area! “Van”, as he’s known, has helped hundreds of businesses start, grow, change and sell during this time. He often represents municipal corporations and co-ops and now even represents the grandchildren of some of his original clients. The office helped with the formation of Northern Wasco PUD and other public power programs in the region long ago and still continues to practice in that legal arena.

Van also works in elder law, from estate planning to wills, trusts and probate. His associate, Louis Grossman, adds his legal abilities to the practice on a range of cases: criminal defense, domestic relations, litigation and others.

Van is a member of the GTA because of a deep interest in the economy of the Mid-Columbia area. “The high tech businesses bring big potential for the area and the GTA helps foster them,” says Van. The next time you meet him at a GTA meeting, introduce yourself and you’re likely to hear some great stories from his years in law. You might even ask about the dog who was stopped drunk driving on Mount Hood…

M.D. Van Valkenburgh, Principal

Van moved to The Dalles in 1953. He was fresh out of law school at Willamette and came to join his brother-in-law Don Heisler, who was serving as the District Attorney at the time. As the youngest in a family of 14 children, Van welcomed the change from his Oklahoma hometown. Van is very involved in The Dalles, from serving on the Board of Columbia Gorge Community College to his involvement and interest in improving the downtown area through The Dalles Area Chamber of Commerce. He’s also optimistic that his tomato plants will produce this year!

View Van’s profile on our website at https://crgta.org/members/vanvalkenburgh.