Port of Hood River

The Port of Hood River strives to initiate, promote and maintain a strong quality of life and a healthy economy throughout the Port District and the Columbia River Gorge through their four business lines: transportation, aviation, recreation and industrial development. Transportation and aviation goals are met primarily through management of the Hood River Bridge and Ken Jernstedt Airfield. As a recreation provider, the Port manages some of the most popular sites for waterfront access in the Gorge including the Hood River Marina, Marina Green and Park, the Event Site, the Hook and the Spit with an annual economic impact of over $1 Million.

Regarding industrial development, the Port develops, leases and sells properties from Odell to locations within the City of Hood River and at desirable locations along the waterfront. By making facilities available for private companies to create jobs, the Port’s support generates a significant economic impact: businesses in Port buildings employed about 250 people with wages in excess of $9.3 Million in 2010. The Port also has excellent relationships with other agencies in the region to help interested businesses move smoothly through the development process.

The Port recognizes the increasing importance of high tech businesses to the regional economy and is a sponsor of the GTA because it believes in the organization’s work to support the sector. A number of the Port’s most recent industrial development projects are for tech businesses and GTA Members, including Hood Tech and Real Carbon. Three agreements are in process that would result in significant new construction along the waterfront this summer.

Executive Director Michael McElwee firmly believes in the “regional” part of the Port’s mission. “We specifically say the ‘Columbia River Gorge’ in our mission statement because we see the importance of collaborative economic development that works across boundaries in the region,” says McElwee. This also ties in well with the regional focus of the GTA.  For more information, click here to view slides from a recent presentation or contact Michael McElwee at 541-386-1645 or mmcelwee@portofhoodriver.com.

Hoby Streich, President, Port Commission

Hoby, a small business owner, has served on the Commission since 2002. He is joined on the Board of Commissioners by:
  • Fred Duckwall (Vice-President), President of Duckwall-Pooley Fruit Company, served since 2001
  • Jon Davies (Secretary), agent at Columbia River Insurance, served since 2001
  • Sherry Bohn (Treasurer), small business owner, served since 2001
  • Richard McBride, small business owner, served since January 2011

View the Port’s profile on our website at https://crgta.org/members/porthr.