Port of Hood River

The Port of Hood River’s mission is to promote and maintain a strong quality of life and a healthy economy in the Port District and throughout the Columbia River Gorge. The Port’s work focuses on three primary areas: transportation, economic development, and recreation.

Transportation goals are met primarily through management of the Hood River/White Salmon Bridge and the Ken Jernstedt Airfield. Recreation goals are achieved through Port management of popular sites for recreation and water access in Hood River. These include the Marina, Marina Green and Park, the Event Site, the Hook, the Spit, and Nichols Basin. These sites contribute well over $1.4 million in aggregate economic impact to the local economy.

To foster economic development goals, the Port develops, leases and/or sells industrial properties from Odell to multiple locations in Hood River, most notably desirable locations at Waterfront Business Park. By making property and facilities available to private companies for growth and investment, the Port helps play a significant role in the local economy.

In 2012, businesses in Port buildings employed over 300 people with wages in excess of $10 million. Over the past five years, private and public investment on the Hood River waterfront will total over $30 million by the end of 2013 resulting in approximately 300 jobs. The Port has excellent relationships with other agencies in the region to help interested businesses move smoothly through the development process.

The Port recognizes the importance of the growing high tech businesses to the regional economy, and is a sponsor of the GTA to support the organization’s work in the technology sector. A number of the Port’s most recent industrial development projects are for tech businesses and GTA members including Hood Tech and Real Carbon on the waterfront in Hood River.

Executive Director Michael McElwee says the Port of Hood River works collaboratively with other local economic development agencies to support regional goals. “We specifically include the ‘Columbia River Gorge’ in our mission statement since it better defines the interconnectedness of our regional economy,” McElwee states. “Investments and growth in one community generally have positive impacts on others and the region as a whole.”

For more information, contact Michael McElwee at 541-386-1645 or mmcelwee@portofhoodriver.com or learn more at portofhoodriver.com.

View the Port’s profile on our website at https://crgta.org/port-of-hood-river.