R.L. Blaisdell Consulting

R.L. Blaisdell Consulting is a consulting practice focused on strategic cybersecurity and information technologies for business and government. Owner Randy Blaisdell most recently served as the Systems Director of Information Assurance for The Aerospace Corporation after retiring as a full Colonel in the United States Air Force. When he says he’s been in cybersecurity for 36 years, people are often skeptical that the field existed in 1981, but Randy was indeed there at its infancy helping the military write the Trusted Computer System Evaluation Criteria, often known as “The Orange Book.” 
In his current business, Randy advises senior leaders in both the government and commercial sectors on strategies for navigating the complex and constantly evolving cyber landscape. His work with companies helps them understand their cyber environment as it relates to the business in order to develop protection strategies from both targeted and random threats. “Many companies don’t see all the ways they are vulnerable and the sometimes simple things that can be done to protect themselves,” says Randy. That’s where he comes in. 
Small businesses with all their accounts receivable on one or two computers could be severely impacted by a random piece of malware that destroys the computers, and perhaps the business. Larger companies benefit from Randy’s independent reviews of their cybersecurity posture to protect intellectual property and to verify compliance when working with government contracts. Fixes can be as simple as ensuring basic network hygiene by properly configuring routers and changing default passwords or as complex as a full analysis of your corporate information content to understand what needs to be protected from whom and where the vulnerabilities are in your hardware, software and staff.  “If your business depends on being connected or if you have intellectual property on your computer, you are vulnerable,” notes Randy.
R.L. Blaisdell Consulting is a member of the GTA to connect and share with others in technology in the Gorge. Learn more about Randy’s background here or contact him directly at blazeawc@gmail.com.