Real Carbon Inc.

Real Carbon, Inc. has been making custom carbon fiber parts since 1988. They particularly focus on enclosures for unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), often collaborating with other Gorge tech companies like Insitu to develop products together. Real Carbon’s signature products are carbon fiber enclosures which are RF/ EMI shielded. Shielding provides “immunity” for sensitive components from incoming radio frequency (RF) and electromagnetic interference (EMI) and/or prevents excessive emissions to other susceptible equipment.

Real Carbon’s competitive advantage is offering low cost innovation in the tooling and prototyping design stages of product development. By doing everything from design to production in-house, Real Carbon keeps entry costs low for customers looking to develop new products. Typical customers come to the company for their expertise in developing strong, lightweight carbon fiber parts.

President Michael Graham and Chief Engineer Wes Lapp have been growing the business in the Gorge for over 20 years and were excited to move into the Halyard Building at the Port of Hood River in 2011. This move more than doubled their space and enabled them to add important QC, Shipping, Sales and Engineering office space.

Real Carbon is a member of the GTA as a way to strengthen connections with other Gorge tech businesses, create new business connections and for business support resources. Mike Graham also currently serves on the GTA’s Board of Directors, where he’s been working to improve the membership experience for small businesses.

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Mike GrahamMike Graham, President, Real Carbon, Inc.

Growing up in the UK, Mike read an article about the Gorge as a windsurfing mecca and vowed to see for himself. A visit wasn’t enough and he soon moved here full time. Over 20 years later, Mike still windsurfs and enjoys many of the typical Gorge outdoor pursuits. He’s also an avid golfer – almost a requirement since he’s from St. Andrews, Scotland, the birthplace of the sport!

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