Seckora Consulting

Seckora Consulting is celebrating their 12th anniversary of serving the Gorge’s communications and IT needs. Owner Matt Seckora is a registered DELL partner, specializing in Dell computer and equipment sales. He’s also a registered Charter Business Certified Partner and can often help secure internet, cable and phone deals that businesses or homeowners would otherwise miss. Additionally, Seckora Consulting provides graphic design, web site design, web site hosting and maintenance and they can troubleshoot, diagnose, build, service, network, maintain and repair all MAC, IBM and compatible PC hardware & software. With a flexible schedule and the ability to solve issues on-site in your business or home, Seckora Consulting has been able to rely on strong repeat customers and direct referrals for many of their new clients.

Typical customers include homeowners, schools and businesses large and small. For larger customers, Seckora Consulting might simply sell them computers and equipment while smaller customers rely on Seckora to act as their on-call IT ‘department.’ The future looks bright for computer consultants. The responsiveness of¬† independent consultants can pay off; Matt stays up to date on the latest trends and can adapt to each company’s needs.

Seckora Consulting is a member of the GTA to find new clients and also to network¬† with other tech people and businesses. Matt notes that, “The key to my success is marketing, networking, responsiveness and quality – all which contribute to repeat customers. Thanks to everyone networking at the meetings and the people who have called – this is a great way to visit and work!” Learn more at

Matt Seckora, Owner, Seckora Consulting

Matt Seckora was born and raised in The Dalles and loves the area so much that he stayed when his parents moved to Wisconsin a few years ago. Outside of work, he enjoys spending time with family and friends and traveling, both in the US and abroad. Combining work with play, Matt even traveled to Russia to donate computers to a blind and deaf school, taking a week to volunteer and get them set up. Another interesting fact: Matt has a killer taco dip!