Sightline Applications

Since 2007, Sightline Applications has been developing cutting edge vision software applications from their office in Hood River. The problem with small surveillance cameras on moving vehicles – such as UAVs or on-ground vehicles – is that they shake with the movement of the vehicle, delivering a low quality image that is hard to zoom or use to track other moving objects. Sightline has developed a suite of video stabilization, tracking and enhancement algorithms aimed at Intelligence, Surveillance, Reconnaissance (ISR) applications that smooth the video and allow customers to easily zoom to and track the desired object(s).

Besides developing embedded software, Sightline recently has begun developing their own hardware after the existing solutions weren’t right for their product. By integrating their systems into customers platforms, Sightline is able to learn more about their particular problems and quickly solve them with their small, flexible and experienced team of five. This ability to react quickly keeps them competitive, much more so than their larger hardware-based competitors. Gorge customers include Hood Tech and Insitu, with FLIR in Wilsonville as an important on-ground customer.

Sightline is excited about their newest product release: SLA2000, a hardware product which is more capable and offers features such as multiple channels and digital input and output. They also have a new software algorithm for moving target detection. This is important because some digital video environments suffer substantial lag time, making it difficult for operators to designate a car that already moved to a different spot on the screen. Sightline helps determine where the object is in real-time and can automatically track it.

Sightline Applications is a member of the GTA for the networking and also because they believe in the organization’s mission to support the tech sector. As CEO Steve Olson says, “I like being here in the Gorge and want to stay. Part of that is keeping the value in Hood River for Sightline with a good pool of potential employees and customers. The GTA is helping develop that ecosystem and that’s what I’m interested in.” Learn more at

Steve Olson, CEO, Sightline Applications

Steve made the move from Portland to the Gorge in 2005 to take a job with Insitu. He soon spun off to form Sightline Applications with co-founder Jordan Holt, but his love of the Gorge kept him here. Besides mountain biking, volleyball and generally running around after his kids, Steve is also very involved in the Hood River Library. For the kid of a Naval officer that moved around a lot growing up – including good memories of living in Taiwan, Steve is glad to call Oregon home.

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